For a beautiful home: Tiles laid on tiles

Would you like to give individual character to your home with some new tiles?

In this section, you will find the accessories you need. PROBAU quality products guarantee the success of your project. With tile edge trims and tile grout available in many different colours and materials, you are sure to achieve perfect results.

The extensive choice of adhesives makes it easier, for example, to lay tiles on top of existing tiles, saving you money and valuable time.

The large range of PROBAU cartridges also caters for all needs: Silicone in various colours, and for use with many different types of material, adds the finishing touch in kitchens and bathrooms and blends in perfectly.

PROBAU wishes you great success with your tiling!

Accessory Set for Edge Joint Cover Profile
Aluminium Encased
Aluminium Joint Cover Strip
Aluminium Premium
Aluminium Quadrant
Aluminium Quadrant Outside Corner Tile Trim
Aluminium Quadro
Aluminium Quadro Outside Corner Tile Trim
Aluminium Standard
Angle Tile Trim
Base Profile
Bathroom Silicone eco
Bonding Emulsion eco
Brass Standard
Cartridge Knife
Cartridge Nozzles
Cement Film Remover
Complete System Set
Countersunk Screws with Wall Plugs
Decoupling Mat
Decoupling Mat, Indoors
Deep Primer eco
Drainage Mat
Edge Joint Cover Profile
Expansion Joint Profile
Flexible Adhesive
Flexible Adhesive for Natural Stone
Flexible Emulsion Adhesive eco
Flexible Grout for Natural Stone
Flexible Tile Grout
Foam Backer Rod for Joints
Grout Colour
Inside Corner
Inside Corner Seal for Showers
Joint Cover Profile
Joint Finish
Joint Smoothing Tool
Jointing Nozzle Set
Level Compensation Profile
Natural Stone Silicone
Outside Corner
Outside Corner Seal for Showers
Parquet/Laminate Joint Sealant
Pipe Penetration Collars
PROBAU Kitchen & Bath Silicone eco
Professional Sealing Tape
PVC Base Profile
PVC Quadrant
PVC Quadrant Inside Corner Tile Trim
PVC Quadrant Outside Corner Tile Trim
PVC Standard
Quadrant Inside Corner Tile Trim
Quadrant Outside Corner Tile Trim
Quadrant Tile Trim
Quick Flexible Adhesive
Sealing Film
Sealing Membrane
Sealing Sleeve
Sealing tape for decoupling mats and sealing film
Shower Sealant eco
Shower Sealing Set
Shower Sealing Strip
Silica Primer eco
Silicone Primer
Silicone Remover
Square Tile Corner
Square Tile Trim
Square Tile Trim
Stainless-steel Quadrant
Stainless-steel Quadrant Outside Corner Tile Trim
Stainless-steel Standard
Stair Edge Trim “Florentine”
Stair Edge Trim “Florentine”
Stair Edge Trim “Simple”
Stair Edge Trim “Simple”
Stair Trim Aluminium
Stair Trim PVC
Standard Complete Set
Super Flexible Adhesive
Tile Adhesive
Tile Grout
Tile Grout Wide
Transition Profile
Wall Connection Profile

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