Sealing exterior basement walls:
So that your home remains dry

Everything cut and dried!

Protect your four walls from moisture. With PROBAU quality products you can achieve perfect sealing of your exterior basement walls and effective protection for your house. The appropriate PROBAU products can only be found in your BAUHAUS centre.


Before applying the PROBAU Thick Coating , open joints must be closed. The substrate must be sound, surface-dry, absorbent, frost-free and free from dirt.


First, old mortar residues must be removed from the floor slab.


The loose mortar residues are then swept with a broom from the floor slab.


In the next step, a concave fillet is formed along the wall/floor contact.
The site is wetted with a brush for better adhesion of the mortar.


PROBAU Cement Mortar is applied with a trowel in individual dabs of mortar on the floor slab.


A plastic pipe or similar can be used to create the concave fillet. This produces a rounded transition from the wall to the floor slab.


At the transitions between the mortar and the substrate, the interface is to be smoothed with a damp brush.


In the next step, the exterior basement wall is coated with a solvent-free primer.
For this, PROBAU Thick Bitumen Coating
is diluted 1:10 with water and applied with a brush to the entire surface of the area to be treated.


After the undercoat has dried (about 24 hours), start with the application of the thick coating.
To this end, the material is placed on the trowel.


The thick coating is applied with the trowel in two layers on the substrate.
Depending on the load, the coating must have a wet film thickness of at least 4 or 6 mm. The result is a seamless waterproofing layer.


The thick coating is also applied evenly in the concave fillet, so no leaks can occur here.


Finally, the concave fillet is again smoothed with a tongue trowel.
After thorough drying of the thick coating, perimeter insulation boards are bonded to protect the seal.
Only then can the filling up of the work area commence.

Good to know: Surfaces must be pretreated before applying a seal. Seal joints in the masonry that are larger than 5 mm with a suitable mortar. Joints up to 5 mm in width and surface profiles of the stone can be equalised with a scratch coat using the thick coating. Important: In the case of accumulating seepage water, the seal must be implemented in two layers with a textile inlay.

Thought of everything?

You still need

  • Broom
  • Spatula
  • Brush
  • Tongue trowel
  • Paint brushes
  • Brick trowel
  • Smoother
  • Ruler

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