Sealing roof areas:
Protect your house with effective roof sealant

A sealed roof is essential for a sense of well-being in your home.
So ensure that your roof is reliably and durably sealed.
This guide will help you to achieve this. You can find all the required PROBAU products in your local BAUHAUS centre.

Flat roofs


Using a broom, sweep away leaves, loose particles and other impurities from the roof before starting the roof renovation.


Damaged areas in the bitumen sheeting need to be specially treated before applying the waterproofing coating.


For this, you will need to apply PROBAU Bitumen Filling Compoundextensively.
The bitumen sheet is to be folded back here, so that the filling compound becomes bonded with the substrate. 


Press the bitumen sheeting into the filling compound and cover the repaired area with another coat. The filling compound should be allowed to dry for one day before a further coat is applied.


After dealing with the damaged areas, pretreat the roof surface with
PROBAU Bitumen Primer . Apply the primer evenly with a paint roller.


After about one day of drying, coat the roof with PROBAU Bitumen Roof and Sealing Paint
. This can be repeated three times, depending on the surface (remember to observe the one-day drying period).

Concrete ceiling


Waterproofing a cleaned concrete surface begins by applying PROBAU Cold-bonding Bitumen Compound . The compound must be applied across the entire surface.


After about 15 to 30 minutes drying time, you can start rolling out the bitumen sheeting.


Sheet by sheet, the roof will become protected against moisture. It is important to overlap the sheets so that no gaps appear.

In addition, apply the PROBAU Cold-bonding Bitumen Compound with a 5 cm overlap on the freshly laid bitumen sheeting.


When rolling out the following sheet, make sure that an approximately 5 cm wide overlap of bitumen sheeting is observed.


The sealing with bitumen sheeting has been completed. The cold-bonding compound must ooze out from underneath the overlapping sheets in order to ensure that the compound has completely covered the substrate and bonded the bitumen sheeting.

Good to know: Check the weather conditions before starting work.  Because freshly applied materials can be damaged or washed away in the rain. PROBAU Bitumen Roof and Sealing Paint and PROBAU Bitumen Filling Compound require about 3 hours of drying to become rain resistant.

Thought of everything?

You still need

  • Broom
  • Spatula
  • Paint roller

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