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Tidy tiles:
Tiling Walls

Beautiful tiles are a good solution in many areas of the house – whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living rooms.
You can only find the matching PROBAU quality products for your tiling project in your BAUHAUS centre.

This is how it works:

With ruler and spirit level, accurately draw the heights and tiled surfaces.
Start at the top with a whole tile. After marking with a tile adjusting plate, set up a guideline along which you are going to tile.

Begin at the bottom if tiling the entire wall. Initially apply the adhesive with the trowel over only a small area, for 3 to 5 tiles. Comb well with a notched trowel.

Now place the tile by gently pushing and pressing the entire surface, i.e. ensure there are no voids in the adhesive bed. The tiles must not "crunch", i.e. make contact with the wall without mortar.

Tile spacers between the tiles, or tile corners, help to ensure uniform joint widths.
Do not apply too much adhesive at once, so that you can place the tiles without stress and still have time ...
.... keep checking with the spirit level and use your visual judgement in order to correct if necessary within the "working time".
It is important that the tiles are placed in a fully covered mortar bed.
Slight "juddering" of the tiles helps. The adhesive can be combed vertically or horizontally.
The wall corners, i.e. the leftmost and rightmost tiles are tiled from top to bottom. Then work your way horizontally layer by layer upwards.
Use a damp sponge to thoroughly clean the finished tiles and to remove any adhesive residue while the adhesive is still fresh.

After 24 hours, the tiles bonded with PROBAU Tile Adhesive are ready for grouting. Mix the
PROBAU Tile Grout according to the directions on the packaging and always wipe diagonally to the joint line with a grouting rubber, or sponge board.

Ensure there are no gaps by wiping the tiles with a grouting rubber or a large sponge board, which also serves to remove excess jointing compound.

After the mortar has set, the finished grouted tiles are cleaned with a damp cloth and then polished with a dry cloth.


Good to know: First, thoroughly prepare the subsurface. It must always be clean and free of coatings, etc. Only when all the preliminary work such as measuring and drawing are done for the desired tiled surface should you mix the adhesive.
Observe the instructions on the packaging. Every adhesive has a so-called "working time" within which it must be processed. Only mix as much adhesive as you can process within this time.

Everything you need:

  • Ruler
  • Spirit level
  • Tile adjusting plate
  • Guideline
  • Trowel
  • Tile spacers or tile corners
  • Grouting rubber or sponge board
  • Dry cloth for polishing
  • Agitator
  • Drill
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