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Surely Plastered:
Here's how to deal with electrical installations

To safely and cleanly encapsulate sockets, distribution boxes and electrical wiring,
we recommend PROBAU Electrician’s Plaster and Building Plaster.
You can only find these quality products at your BAUHAUS centre.

This is how it works:

The cables have been laid. The slots provided must be closed again and the sockets, switches and junction boxes installed.
Thoroughly wet the chiselled out area before cables and light switches, electrical outlet or junction boxes are fitted.

Plaster the socket with a spatula so that it is completely enclosed by gypsum.

Also wet the cable slots well, and only then fill with plaster.

Good to know: Clean any dust and loose particles from the area to be plastered and then moisten the substrate.

Everything you need:

  • Paint brush or brush
  • Plaster mixing bowl
  • Spatula
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